ITF Dissemination

Workshop: Innovating Learning through a Pattern Language Based Learning Design Studio

Ms. Ling Li (HKU)
Ms. Liliana Farias Herrera (HKU)
Mr. Andy Chan (HKU)

This workshop presents the prototype of a technological platform: Learning Design Studio (LDS), which is a tool to support teaching professionals (including teachers, tutors and instructional designers) in the design and implementation of fully online and blended courses. The LDS is underpinned by a systematic pattern language that captures the different levels of granularities and complexities of learning design. This workshop will start by introducing the crucial features of the LDS that provides systematic scaffolding to teachers in designing a course, such as setting up learning outcomes of a course, choosing useful pedagogical approaches to address different learning outcomes, and laying out tools, resources, social organizations, etc. to support the implementation of different pedagogical approaches. Then we will have a hands-on session in which attendees have the opportunity to try out using the LDS to design their own course. This workshop will end with a discussion for feedback and suggestions. The intended attendees to the workshop are researchers, teachers, tutors, instructional designers and school administrators, who are interested in learning design tools and innovative learning.

9 June 2017, Friday/ 16:00 – 17:00/ Rm 104, Runme Shaw Building